Ultrasonography has advanced greatly over the past decade. Not only have the size and cost of the equipment decreased substantially, to the point of the availability of pocket-sized devices with adequate resolution, these advances have also expanded the bedside application in many clinical specialities. Performing ultrasonography requires specialized training: it is not a skill that can be safely taught in a single course or by pure self-study safely and then applied to your patients. Similar to the systems used in the United Kingdom and Australasia, the CMSA elected to adopt a system of credentialing that requires a non-radiologist candidate who wishes to incorporate ultrasound into his/ her daily practice to:

  1. Attend an accredited introductory training course
  2. Successfully complete an online quiz
  3. Perform a total of 65 logged scans supervised by accredited trainers and
  4. Pass a formal assessment.

As directed by the CEMSA, ultrasonography "is not a substitute for formal ultrasound examinations performed by radiologists, but a limited, goal-directed examination to answer a binary question (yes/no) to assist in the management of an unstable patient. Indeterminate scans and suboptimal images are common and over-interpretation thereof is discouraged. Unless good images are obtained, the findings of the scan should not be included in the decision-making process." There is massive potential and growth in this field, not alone because of the increasing need for safe, non-invasive sonographic procedures that can be performed rapidly at the bedside as opposed to other diagnostic procedures such as the radiation-based X-ray. Up-skill today and increase the benefit to your patients!


The next Level 1 (Basic Ultrasound) course will be held in Cape Town on 16 April 2016

The next Level 2 (Advanced Ultrasound) course will be held in Cape Town on 17 April 2016

The next Ultrasound Assessment will be held in Cape Town - Thursday 25 Feb 2016

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